Frequently Asked Questions for first-time visitors include:

Where are you located?
We are located at: 6000 S. Dixie Hwy Franklin, OH 45005

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What do I wear?
Some of our congregation come in dress attire and some in casual dress. Neither is expected of you. We are much more concerned about you as a person than we are your attire.

What about my kids?
You certainly may have your children and teen accompany you to Adult Worship. But we also provide Worship centers with services geared to their specific age group. Little People’s (ages 2-5); Kid’s Worship (ages 6-11) and Teen Worship (ages 12-19) are available for your children. At all times your child will be under the supervision of our staff. We also have a nursery where you may care for your infant and listen and watch the Adult Worship at the same time.

What is your worship style?
The Morning and Evening Worship services feature a mixture of choruses and hymns that are deep in meaning, easy to understand, and conducive to worship. We invite prayer requests and pray together. We enjoy special music sung and played by members of our congregation. Our pastors preach a sermon that is Biblically-based and applicable to our daily lives.

What are your service times?
Sunday 9:30AM - Sunday School
Sunday 10:30AM - Morning Worship, Active8 Youth Worship (Ages 12-18), Children’s Worship (Ages 6-12), Little People’s Worship (Ages 3-5)
Sunday 6:00PM - Evening Worship
Wednesday 7:00PM - Prayer and Bible Study

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