Worship is a top priority at Franklin.  We seek to provide worship opportunities that will spiritually enrich the family as a whole and each member of the family as well.  This is why on Sunday morning we provide worship centers geared to each member of the family.  Adult Worship is held in our sanctuary.  Through music, prayer, praise, and the preaching of God’s Word, hearts are lifted to God.  Other worship centers are: Little People’s Worship (ages 2-5); Kids’ Worship (ages 6-11); Teen Worship (ages 12-19).  Sunday evening our church family gathers in the sanctuary for a time of worship.  This is a meaningful service including inspirational music and the preaching of God’s Word. Our sanctuary services are also available to watch online.

Sunday 9:30AM

Sunday School
Classes for all ages

Sunday 10:30AM

Morning Worship
Join us for a traditional Sunday Morning Worship service where we will sing, worship and fellowship together.
Active8 Youth Worship (Ages 12-18)
Every Sunday morning the team at Active8 lead teenagers in worship through song, praise and active study of God’s Word. Our goal is to address issues that teenagers face, and teach them to respond from a Biblical worldview.
Children’s Worship (Ages 6-12)
Every Sunday our Children’s Ministry Staff prepare a service especially geared for children. This includes music, exciting stories, Bible memorization, and interactive games. All of this is prepared to teach children the wonders of God’s Word.
Little People’s Worship (Ages 3-5)
This Worship area is designed to impart God’s Word to pre-school and kindergarten age children. A number of centers are set up to keep the child’s attention and at the same time make learning interesting and fun.

Sunday 6:00PM

Evening Worship
Bring your family for an evening of worship and fellowship.

Community Groups

Prayer and Bible Study
Community groups meet at various times and places throughout the week. Contact Pastor Brian ([email protected]) or Pastor Adam for more information.